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How to use this Carving Search:

If you know the carving you want to find just enter it's number as a keyword, otherwise enter descriptive keywords in the boxes (one keyword per box with no plurals) then click the 'Submit Search' button.  (The more keywords you enter the more refined the search will be, therefore the less results it will yield.)  If the word(s) you searched for are found a list of categories will appear on the left side of the screen.  Each has a number after it, representing how many carvings were found in that category.  If you typed keywords rose and cross there would be results displayed in both the Religion and Flower categories.  Technically they should all fall into both categories, but to avoid duplication each is displayed only once, the category dependant upon the first keyword we assigned the carving.  Try to be more descriptive if you get too many matches to a search or more general if you have too few.  For example add cultivated or wild as another keyword to the search for rose.   Similarly if a search for pickup and truck yields nothing try just truck.  Remember too the search is for a 'string' of letters so car will return car, scarf, carnation, caribou, etc.  To return to the search keywords use the 'Back' button on your browser.

Click on a category to highlight it and then on the 'View Category' button to display thumbnails of all carvings in that category.  To view a larger picture of a carving, click on either the black, grey or red links, depending upon which colour granite you wish to see it on.  All carvings have a link to a large version shown on black granite and most have links to large grey and red versions. If there is no link to a colour it doesn't mean it is unavailable - it just hasn't been drawn yet.   However this will mean that a sketch will not be able to be done in that colour granite until we have drawn the carving.   To return to the thumbnails use the 'Back' button on your browser.

The coloured  images are an approximation of the carving on a piece of granite.  For space reasons we have only supplied one sample for each of the 3 main granite colours.  Some images  may have a slightly fuzzy appearance, as they are saved in such a way to be viewed as quickly as possible by your browser.  If you have any questions or comments please e-mail us.